girl: *bends over in nothing but her draws* its yours daddy do whatever you want


me: *plays clipse grinding beat on her asscheeks*

girl: *does the cheek tapping noise*

her dad from downstairs: from ghetto to ghetto from backyard to yard

"For the white man to ask the black man if he hates him is just like the rapist asking the raped, or the wolf asking the sheep, ‘Do you hate me?’ The white man is in no moral position to accuse anyone else of hate! Why, when all of my ancestors are snake-bitten, and I’m snake-bitten, and I warn my children to avoid snakes, what does that snake sound like accusing me of hate-teaching?"

Malcolm X, The Autobiography of Malcolm X (via owning-my-truth)

White people stop asking POC if we hate you

(via princess-hijabi)